For some time we have been striving to intensify the topic of sustainability in our company and to meet our obligations towards the environment. We would like to set this concern as a clear sign to show that sustainability is also quite feasible in the metal processing industry.

In August 2023 we therefore launched the "Rinaldi Green" program - a comprehensive sustainability program of Rinaldi-Tools GmbH. With the inclusion of Antonio Rinaldi as environmental officer and in close cooperation with the management, a code of conduct for environmentally conscious action was developed.

Below we present some aspects of our new environmental program:

- Print Media

Our commitment extends to producing all printed products from Rinaldi-Tools - be it a simple business card or an extensive catalog - in a CO2-neutral manner. We are willing to bear the associated additional costs for the sake of the environment. This CO2 neutrality is made possible by various environmental projects, into which our printing partners allow the additional funds to flow without deductions, for example in the form of reforestation programs.

- Digital Printing

All digital printing products, such as vehicle lettering or advertising signs, are produced by selected agencies using latex printing technology on digital printing machines.

This technology developed by HP corresponds to the most modern standards of the advertising industry and is 100% solvent-free. The certified, water-based paint is ecologically harmless.

- Shipping Packaging

We only use recycled paper for our shipping packaging. In addition, we have decided to reuse the packaging of received shipments whenever possible. So please don't be surprised if you receive packages from us that are packed in boxes with third party logos - this is all for the sake of the environment.

- Promotional items

The production of advertising material was also analyzed by the Rinaldi Green team. In the future, as far as possible, we will dispense with inexpensive plastic giveaways and instead produce high-quality, sustainable promotional items. The first step in this direction has already been taken by saying goodbye to cheap plastic pens and introducing bamboo pens instead. These not only look appealing, but are mostly made of natural materials and are largely biodegradable. We bear the additional costs of this conversion out of conviction.

- Invoice dispatch via email

In order to minimize correspondence, we have added a function to our accounting program that automatically generates and sends e-mails with correspondence to customers. We encourage our customers to switch to digital invoices. Switching to e-mail communication saves both paper and energy and is therefore good for the environment.

- Shipment

We deliberately avoided using low-cost courier services and chose UPS as our partner instead. UPS is not only a reliable shipping service provider for our packages, but is also actively committed to the environment. The UPS Foundation has set a goal to plant 50 million trees by 2030 to improve air quality and create more green spaces around the world. UPS works extensively on various projects in partnership with organizations such as the Arbor Day Foundation, The Nature Conservancy, 1t org and Neighborhood Forest. UPS's goal is to be carbon neutral by 2050.

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